Book flights to North Africa

North Africa is a land filled with history dating back to ancient times and influenced by a wide array of surrounding cultures. In North Africa, beautiful landscapes border enthralling cities and iconic monuments. Experience for yourself why millions of tourists book tickets to North Africa every year.

Top North African Attractions

  • Witness the Pyramids of Giza, a true architectural accomplishment by man, just outside of Cairo, Egypt. The last of the intact Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids are located near the iconic Sphinx
  • Hike or ski the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, a popular winter destination where you will find amazing views and friendly locals
  • Visit the bustling, diverse city of Marrakech in Morocco, a city heavy with Middle Eastern and French influences. Morocco is a good place to find cheap hotels in North Africa

Hidden Gems in North Africa

Northern Africa is a wonderful destination for history lovers. Explore Tunis to view the remains of ancient Carthage, or visit the ancient city of Alexandria and its Roman ruins. For more ancient sites, visit the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, where ancient pharaohs were buried with their treasures.

North Africa Sightseeing

Although a smaller African country, Tunisia boasts some exquisitely stunning landscapes. To the north, Tunisia is bordered by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean ocean, and to the south it serves as a gateway to the vast Sahara Desert. Find flight deals to North Africa through Tunisia and use the area as a hub for the rest of your journey.

Plan Your North Africa Holiday

Much of Northern Africa has a desert climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Plan your flights to North Africa in spring or early summer to enjoy the most pleasant weather. When you fly with airberlin, you can expect free soft drinks and other great onboard amenities.