Book flights to Karpathos (AOK)

A beautiful town with a diverse past, Karpathos is a wonderful destination for sightseers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone with a passion for exploring new places and vibrant cultures. Dating back to the Minoan Age, Karpathos has seen influences from a multitude of cultures, and in recent decades has developed into a beautiful tourist destination. Experience the variety the city has to offer when you book your tickets to Karpathos with airberlin. Your flights with airberlin will make sure you arrive rejuvenated and ready to explore the town.

Top Karpathos Attractions

  • Enjoy a long day of sunbathing near crystal blue waters on one of Karpathos’ many beaches
  • Explore ancient ruins, such as the basilica of Agia Fotini, located a short distance from the town
  • Visit the Saria Islet, which was once a part of the island but has since become separated by the sea, and features well-preserved relics from the Byzantine era

Discover Karpathos

Karpathos has seen occupation by Romans, Ottomans, Italians, and Germans over the course of its history. Today, its storied past has resulted in a colorful melting pot of cultures. Find flight deals to Karpathos and experience this eclectic region.

Karpathos’s Pleasures

As with most of Greece’s cities, Karpathos is a feast for the eyes. View azure waters, golden sands, verdant foliage, and whitewashed buildings. Take a hike through the lush mountaintops or hunt for shells on the beach. Enjoy local seafood and surround yourself with breathtaking coastal views.

Plan Your Karpathos Holiday

If outdoor sports are your passion, book your flights to Karpathos during the summer months to enjoy swimming, wind surfing and hiking; also, keep an eye out for cheap hotels in Karpathos.