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Book flights to Zakynthos (ZTH)

Travelers longing for an idyllic island getaway should book flights to Zakynthos with airberlin and make this dream come true. Zakynthos, which is sometimes called Zante, is the third largest of the Greek Islands located in the Ionian Sea. This beautiful island offers an abundance of amenities such as a lively nightlife, exciting activities, and plenty of sightseeing.

Top Things to Do in Zakynthos

  • Get in touch with nature by visiting Keri at the southern end of the island, the site of a large lake which is now drained, where you can explore caves and observe the wetland wildlife
  • Visit Navagio Beach, which is also sometimes called the Shipwreck because you can see a beached ship here
  • Enjoy a peaceful day of sunbathing at Dafni Beach

Discover Zakynthos

When you book tickets to Zakynthos, try not to stick closely to the beaten path when you arrive. In addition to relaxing on the beaches and enjoying other major tourist attractions, take time to explore the many picturesque villages, like Maherado, site of Agia Mavra church, and Volimes, with its sandy coastline and blue caves.

Zakynthos Activities

Zakynthos, with its underwater caves and shipwrecks, is well known as a diving hotspot. The area is also popular for sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Get to know the locals by exploring the outdoor market and try some handmade coffee.

Plan Your Zakynthos Holiday

During the peak tourism season, from May to October, Zakynthos is one of the sunniest places in Greece. The winds from the sea keep the warm summer temperatures at bay, resulting in wonderful weather. Naturally, this idyllic locale is very popular, so it can be difficult to find flight deals to Zakynthos during this time. Weather conditions are mild during the winter, when it is possible to find cheap hotels in Zakynthos, but many tourist facilities will be closed or have limited hours. Enjoy comfortable Check-In Services and more when you fly to Zakynthos with airberlin.