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Millions of tourists book flights to the United States each year to visit a variety of popular destinations within this large and diverse country. No matter your interests, you are guaranteed to find something to enjoy here. History, tradition, and progression are all a part of this vast mixture of people and cultures.

Top United States Attractions

  • Explore sprawling Los Angeles and see iconic movie locations, museums, and art instillations. Enjoy a thrilling day at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park or take a relaxing climb to the Hollywood Sign.
  • Travel to New York and view some of the United States’ most famous structures, take part in the wild nightlife, and explore beautiful Central Park.
  • Enjoy the sunny beaches and the warm weather of Miami. Take in the city's distinctive cultural influences as seen in its art, cuisine, and lifestyle. 

Hidden Gems in the United States

If you prefer to go off the beaten path, explore the breathtaking nature found in the wetlands of Florida by bicycle or with an airboat tour. You’ll have the opportunity to see wildlife up close and in their natural habitat. The Everglades is a rare and beautiful place. A beautiful subtropical landscape experienced by relatively few adventurous souls each year.

United States Sightseeing

The United States is a country full of iconic landmarks. The towering metropolises found in most states, each with their distinctive style and structures, offer stunning views. Travel throughout the many natural terrains to experience the redwood trees of California, the Grand Canyon, and vast beautiful mountain ranges throughout the country.

Plan Your United States Holiday

Tourism in the United States peaks during the summer and early autumn, depending on your destination. Purchase tickets to the United States in the spring, as you’ll find numerous flight deals to the United States during this time. Many lesser-known destinations offer cheap hotels in the United States. Expect exceptional service to the United States when you fly with airberlin.