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Nestled alongside Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples, this sprawling Italian city contains a wealth of history within its sun-baked Mediterranean buildings. Enjoy enthralling culture, historic sites and captivating museums when you book tickets to Naples for your next trip.

Top Naples Attractions

  • Enjoy the mock battles and ancient plays, reenactments of what might have taken place here in the past, at Anfiteatro Flavio, Italy’s third largest amphitheater that dates back to 69 AD
  • View one of the world’s greatest collections of ancient Graeco-Roman artifacts at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which houses priceless items such as works from Pliny and treasures looted from Pompeii
  • Discover the taste of ‘pizza margherita,’ the origin of pizza as we know it today, at one of many pizzerias in Naples

Hidden Gems in Naples

Naples is a city filled with beautiful architecture that reflects centuries of history. Walk the path of medieval royalty beneath the triumphal arch at Castel Nuovo. The Galleria Umberto features an arching dome, mosaic floors and a glass rooftop.

Naples Sightseeing

Long Mediterranean summers are a perfect time to book flights to Naples to see the sights. Wander the streets of the city and admire the intricate architecture. Nature lovers can take a hike on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, a now-dormant volcano that once buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Plan Your Naples Holiday

The weather in Naples is warm and dry throughout most of the year. Tourism peaks between May and July, so traveling early or later in the year can be a great way to get cheap hotels in Naples. You’ll find flight deals to Naples with airberlin throughout the year. Book your Naples flight with airberlin and take advantage of comfortable check-in services.

Weather in Naples

21 °C
Thursday 10/08/2015 light rain
17 °C
Friday 10/09/2015 light rain
20 °C
Saturday 10/10/2015 very heavy rain
20 °C
Sunday 10/11/2015 clear sky
19 °C
Monday 10/12/2015 moderate rain
20 °C
Tuesday 10/13/2015 heavy intensity rain
17 °C
Wednesday 10/14/2015 heavy intensity rain