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Your flights to Dusseldorf with airberlin will take you to the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous of the German states. This metropolis sits upon the magnificent Rhine River and boasts a collection of historic and contemporary accomplishments. One of the wealthiest cities in Germany, Dusseldorf is a perfect example of modern development that rose rapidly from a historic framework.

Top Things to Do in Dusseldorf

  • Explore the centrally located Altstadt district, a square kilometer of historic sites, and location of the city’s most lively nightlife
  • Keep up with the latest fashion trends along the tree-lined waterways of Königsallee, an internationally recognized shopping center frequented by top fashion-industry designers
  • Walk the banks of the harbor to the architecturally dynamic Medienhafen, an area used by 700 cutting-edge companies and home to some of the finest restaurants in town

Hidden Dusseldorf Gems

Discover true natural beauty with tickets to Dusseldorf by trekking through the expansive flatlands found on the western banks of the Rhine. Grabbing a cup of coffee or meal along the streets of Oberkassel is a splendid way to enjoy one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods.

Dusseldorf’s Pleasures

Flight deals to Düsseldorf will allow you to enjoy a heaped plate of ‘Himmel un Aäd,’ a traditional blutwurst, potato, and apple dish that is sure to warm the soul while filling your stomach. Enjoy a frothing pint of the ancient ‘Altbier,’ a hoppy aromatic beer that has become Dusseldorf’s beverage of choice.

Plan Your Dusseldorf Holiday

Cheap hotels in Dusseldorf can be found in the winter when the weather is at its coldest. Despite the chill, the city is alive with Christmas and Carnival festivities. The spring and fall months bring milder temperatures, while the summer marks the warmest and most popular time to visit. Begin your Dusseldorf vacation in style with airberlin’s modern aircrafts.

Weather in Dusseldorf

19 °C
Tuesday 06/10/2015 moderate rain
16 °C
Wednesday 07/10/2015 light rain
13 °C
Thursday 08/10/2015 light rain
14 °C
Friday 09/10/2015 light rain
14 °C
Saturday 10/10/2015 light rain
12 °C
Sunday 11/10/2015 light rain
13 °C
Monday 12/10/2015 light rain