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A region steeped in culture and history, the Middle East is fast becoming one of the world’s top travel destinations. Your flights to the Middle East will transport you to a land of colorful market stalls, tantalizing local cuisine, luxurious resorts and unique attractions. airberlin will get you there relaxed and refreshed, so you can make the most of these exciting experiences.

Middle East Must-See Attractions

  • Embrace the energy of Tel Aviv, a city offering relaxing warm waters as well as a buzzing nightlife. Impressive skyscrapers reach for the clouds in this exciting seaside city
  • Marvel at the ancient Luxor Temple in Egypt. Towering columns and statues have withstood the sands of time here and hold the secrets of the history of ancient Egypt, Rome, and beyond
  • Visit the sprawling, fast-growing city of Dubai and marvel at the towering skyscrapers stretching upward over a desert landscape

Discover the Middle East

Find flight deals to the Middle East and explore the abundance of diversity this region has to offer. From northern Africa to the western edge of Asia, the Middle East covers a vast landscape. You’ll find something different in every corner. Visit ancient temples in Egypt, or view the intricate mosques and cathedrals of Antalya.

Middle Eastern Pleasures

The Middle East is a land of pungent spices that are used in a variety of regional dishes. Try an Arabic ‘shawarma,’ a dish made with lamb, or the heavily spiced rice dishes common to desert regions. Your decisions when buying tickets to the Middle East could well be based entirely on your sense of taste!

Plan Your Middle Eastern Holiday

The Middle East is a blend of various cultures, so it is important for tourists to respect local customs. You’ll find cheap hotels in the Middle East throughout the year, depending on your destination.