Book flights to North and Central America

Take a flight to North and Central America through airberlin and discover thick forests to the north and warm beaches to the south, with a variety of history and culture to be found along the way. The area comprising this sub-continent consists largely of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Central America can be found at the southern tip of the land mass and the Caribbean is off the south-east coast.

Best Things to Do in North and Central America

  • Discover a complex bygone society as you wander through the Mayan ruins; located throughout Mexico, each remnant of this ancient empire has a story to tell about the natives who once thrived here.
  • Wander through Times Square, climb the Statue of Liberty, and catch a show on Broadway in New York City
  • Take a trip to British Columbia on the Canadian Pacific Coast, a stunning region rich in vegetation and breathtaking landscapes

Discover North and Central America

The preserved 16th-century colonial mining town of Guanajuato in north-central Mexico offers a glimpse into the nation's past. Explore wild western peaks with your flights to North America, in the Colorado Rockies, America's home to world-class year-round mountain sports.

North and Central America’s Pleasures

Flight deals to North America will transport you to culinary hotspots such as Montreal, New Orleans and Mexico City, offering some of the world's tastiest treats. Lounge on gorgeous Caribbean or Central American beaches after exploring the dense rainforests rich with a vast variety of unique species.

Plan Your North America Holiday

The vast size of North America means the region contains significant variations in weather and climate. Arctic to temperate environments can be found in the north, while warmer tropical and subtropical climates prevail further south. Find cheap hotels in North America several months in advance; prices depend on the season in the particular areas to which you are traveling. Book your flight to North America on for a stress-free start to your trip.