Book flights from Hamburg (HAM) to Paphos (PFO)

Flying from Hamburg

Hamburg Airport (HAM) is located approximately 8 kilometers northwest of the city center. Flights from Hamburg connect to many locations within Germany and across Europe. Book your flights with airberlin and arrive relaxed, refreshed, and ready for your vacation.

Hamburg Airport Information

You can enjoy watching the arrivals and departures from the airport’s panoramic observation decks, and inside the terminal you will even find a model airport exhibition. Have a drink or a meal at one of the airport’s bars and restaurants, or do some shopping for books, clothing, souvenirs, travel accessories, and duty-free items.

Services offered within Hamburg Airport include a post office, pharmacy, and banking facility. Relax and rejuvenate with an acupressure massage on the Passenger Pier. Travelers can also make use of one of the terminal’s internet stations or hook up to the airport’s Wi-Fi.

Getting to the Airport in Hamburg

The S-Bahn train to Hamburg Airport runs every ten minutes between the airport and the central railway station, and takes less than 30 minutes. Driving by car or taking a taxi to Hamburg Airport will take about half an hour. Long and short-term parking is available, as well as exclusive parking for preferred members.

Arrival in Paphos

Book your flights to Paphos with airberlin and let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful countryside and the historic attractions of Cyprus. The Paphos area has something to offer everyone, whether you are enthusiastic outdoor explorers or would like to pursue organized sports activities.

The first stay in Paphos

Researchers are often interested in the ancient Greek mythology of Paphos. Paphos is among the six administrative districts which today divide the island of Aphrodite, the richest in antiquities, legends, traditions and natural beauty.

Your Paphos

Book your flights to Paphos and return back to the place where Aphrodite emerged from the waves. Feel like an archeologist and visit the numerous archaeological sites of ancient Greece that Paphos has to offer. A visit to the Phapos Archaeological Museum is also recommended.

Make the best out of your vacation in Phapos

Choose a trip to Paphos and book flight deals with airberlin. The best time to fly to Paphos is between May and September. But even outside of the season, you can expect pleasant temperatures, as Paphos has a tropical, sub Mediterranean climate.