Book flights from Cologne (CGN) to Tivat (TIV)

Flying from Cologne

Flights from Cologne depart from Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN), which is located roughly 15 kilometers from the city center. This airport serves both Cologne and the former capital city of Bonn, and sees nearly ten million passengers a year pass through its gates. It is also the second largest airport for cargo transportation in Germany.

Cologne Bonn Airport Information

Cologne Bonn Airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 is the older of the two, while Terminal 2, which is used by airberlin, is a new, modern complex. Both terminals offer plenty of facilities for passengers, including shops, bars, restaurants, tourist information, currency exchange, car hire, ATMs, and baggage services.

Getting to the Airport in Cologne

You can take a bus to Cologne Bonn Airport from the city using bus route 161, or take a train to Cologne Bonn Airport, which has its own station on the high-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt. A taxi to Cologne Bonn Airport from the city center is also available, with many taxi companies operating in the city offering fixed rates for airport runs. Trains make the journey in approximately 15 minutes, whilst buses take around half an hour.

Arriving in Tivat

While Tivat has many attractions, it is not likely that you will feel crowded by tourists during your stay. People tend to book flights to Tivat when they want to get away from it all and enjoy great weather by a gorgeous coastline.

First Time in Tivat

First-time visitors to Tivat will likely want to begin by walking through the smaller villages surrounding the city. You will find local landmarks such as St. Roko Church and the neighborhood of Donja Lastva, with its bayside cafés and restaurants. Here you can learn about the local culture and explore the area’s landmarks.

Your Tivat

Tivat is a paradise for water lovers. Many tourists look for flight deals to Tivat because they want to go sailing or spend time on a luxury yacht. Kotor is one of five marinas offering these activities.

Making the Most of Your Tivat Holiday

It is difficult to find a bad time to book tickets to Tivat. You might want to avoid visiting during November through February, when the weather is cooler and overcast. Instead, look for cheap hotels in Tivat during the spring and summer. Free soft drinks and snacks are offered on your airberlin flight to Tivat.