Book flights to Skiathos (JSI)

For many people, a dream vacation conjures up images of lounging under a canopy on a small island, possibly with a delicious drink in hand. This dream can come true with tickets to Skiathos, a small island located in the northwest region of the Aegean Sea. Like many other islands in the area, Skiathos also offers the unique opportunity to visit incredibly clean and pristine beaches.

Best Things to Do in Skiathos

  • Visit the home of 19th century Greek novelist Alexandros Papadiamantis, which has been converted into a museum
  • Go on an excursion to the popular beaches on nearby Bird Island
  • Relax in style or go for a swim while enjoying the very trendy Lalaria Beach

Hidden Skiathos Gems

Skiathos certainly has no shortage of beaches, but it also has much more to offer travelers. It is easy to get to many of the most notable landmarks on foot. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the many historical Greek sites on the island, such as the Papadiamantis House or the Monastero di Panagia Evangelistria.

Skiathos Sightseeing

When you are ready for a break from soaking up the sun, you can find a delicious meal by venturing toward the old port. Here, and around the marina, you can find many well-loved tavernas. Be sure to get your fill of healthy and tasty authentic Greek food during your stay.

Plan Your Skiathos Holiday

There are no bad times to look for flights to Skiathos. It will be slightly more difficult to find great flight deals to Skiathos during the peak tourism months from June through August. You can enjoy great weather, and possibly more affordable flights and cheap hotels in Skiathos if you visit during May or September. airberlin can get you to Skiathos in style.