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Memmingen, Germany, is a historic town in the southern region of Bavaria. Dating back to the Roman Empire, this town is home to castles, palaces, courtyards and fortifications that reflect the many years this town has seen. Find flight deals to Memmingen today and take a plunge into the past. You can find attractive fares to Memmingen on

Top Things to Do in Memmingen

  • A town rich in history, Memmingen boasts some of the most well-preserved buildings in the country. Visit medieval abbeys and castles and learn about old-world Germany
  • The Town Museum at the Hermannsbau features a variety of exhibitions on major events in history
  • The ‘Memmingen in Bloom’ festival takes place every May and features a market with crafts and beautiful fresh flowers

Hidden Gems in Memmingen

The Illerbeuren Museum is a peaceful open-air attraction that explores the life of a peasant in old Germany. Explore inside historic houses and the surrounding farms. An hour-long guided tour is also available to visitors free of charge. Find cheap hotels in Memmingen and spend the day at one of Germany’s oldest open-air museums.

Memmingen Sightseeing

Memmingen offers predetermined sightseeing walks that lead you past a multitude of sites. Following the Red Route will take you past some of Memmingen’s historical and architectural sites, including the theater and marketplace. Nature lovers can walk the Green Route and view the many parks.

Plan Your Memmingen Holiday

Memmingen plays hosts to a variety of festivals year round, so you can plan your trip around any time you are able to book your tickets to Memmingen. Some of the festivals include the Children’s Festival, Memmingen in Bloom, and the Christmas Market, all of which are open to the public. Purchase your flights to Memmingen through airberlin today and immerse yourself in history and culture.

Weather in Memmingen

13 °C
Thursday 08/10/2015 light rain
13 °C
Friday 09/10/2015 light rain
12 °C
Saturday 10/10/2015 light rain
10 °C
Sunday 11/10/2015 light rain
7 °C
Monday 12/10/2015 light rain
7 °C
Tuesday 13/10/2015 light rain
7 °C
Wednesday 14/10/2015 light rain